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Antique Tiger Oak Picture Frames (reproductions) available through the Brogan Bowen Company

Once you have had your antique photograph restored or your original snapshot, etc. transformed into a beautiful convex photograph, the look will not be complete with out adding an antique (reproduction) oval frame (or other shape) to the photograph.  The Brogan Bowen Company has this wonderful collection of antique styled tiger oak frames available for your purchase.  For the final touch, all frames purchased arrive with gorgeous convex bubble glass, which at the least, completes a unique heirloom to be handed down for generations to come.

If you already have an oval frame (or other shape) and you are interested in getting a replacement piece of convex bubble glass because yours is broken or damaged, we can help you.  Just contact us for more information and pricing.

Oval Frame examples:  For pricing information and availability of frames
contact (by e-mail) Brogan-Bowen or phone us for more information.
Note: We do accept Master Card and Visa.)

Convex Frames and Convex (Bubble) Glass Now Available

We carry all of the different shapes and sizes below, in the vintage tiger oak frames.
These are the frames that were so popular in the past with the convex (bubble) glass to fit.
The depth of the glass in the center is 1-1/4 to 4 inches depending on the style and
size of the frame.  We carry a variety different sizes in these frames.


cathedral shaped picture frame
Cathedral Picture Frame
12x20 actual size 11.5x19.5

tiger oak frames for convex photo
example of tiger oak frames


thin oval picture frame
Thin Oval Picture Frame
14x20 actual size 13.5x19.5

oval picture frame
Oval Picture Frame
14x20 actual size 13.5x19 3/4
convex bubble glass examples
example of convex glass

oblong shaped picture frame
Oblong Picture Frame
square picture frame
Rectangle Picture Frame
hexagon shaped picture frame
Hexagon Picture Frame
circle shaped picture frame
Circle Picture Frame

octagon shaped picture frame
Octagon Picture Frame
10x16 actual size 9 1/2x15 3/4
12x20 actual size 11 3/4x20

Email us your desired shape and frame size for glass replacement
and/ or a new Tiger Oak frame, and 
we will reply with a price quote.



side.jpg (12932 bytes)
Side view example showing convex shape of bubble glass.
(Note: The frame in this photo is not a tiger oak)

Oval Tiger Oak Picture Frames are available to anyone regardless of whether or not a customer has purchased  photographic services from Brogan Bowen Company.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the oval frames, hexagon shaped frames, oblong frames, circle shaped frames, etc., shown on this page, or if you have questions about the antique styled oval frames, please contact Brogan Bowen Company for more information.  We will be happy to assist you!

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