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The Brogan-Bowen Company

Vintage Oval Convex Photographs and portraits, Copy and Photo Restorations: Old Photos, Original Artwork Repairs,
Photographic Oils, Freehand Oil Painting

vintage convex portraits

"Grandmother Regan"

Brogan Bowen Company is a professional photographic services oriented business.  Owners, Dot Brogan, and JW Bowen have combined their unique abilities to offer fine quality photographic and artwork manipulations.  Their services extend from the creation of the traditional vintage oval convex photographs and portraits, copy and photo restoration, original artwork restored or repaired, to the painting of full color photographic oil enhancements, and freehand oil portraits.   If you have an old damaged photograph that needs repairs due to cracks, water damage, wrinkles, fading, etc. we have retouching techniques that can fix it. If you have a brand new snapshot, or picture, and desire something unique be done with it, contact Brogan Bowen Co.  

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old damaged photographphoto restoration Visit our photo restoration gallery
to see examples of how we can repair old photographs, (convex or regular pictures)   through copy and restoration,  digital imaging, photo retouching, and other techniques...
color picture to oval convex portrait Visit our convex oval photographs and portraits gallery
to see examples beautiful convex oval portraits that were created from amateur snapshots and professional color pictures.
oil enhanced photograph Visit our photographic oil enhancement gallery
to see examples of photographs that are enhanced with hand coloring with oils by an artist, taking on the appearance of full color oil paintings and portraits.
framethumb3.jpg (17102 bytes) Visit our antique oval frames (reproductions) gallery
to see a collection of tiger oak oval (and other shapes) picture frames with antique bubble glass that are available through our company.
Christian Pictures - Christian Pictures - "Six Famous Symbols of Christianity" Photograph
now available through the Brogan Bowen Company
for more information on this special collectible item that would make a wonderful unique Christmas gift:  click above


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about Brogan Bowen contact Brogan Bowen American Photograhics Artisians Guild

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Phone:  704-849-8057

(Charlotte, North Carolina Area)

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